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String Clinics to Go DVD Series
1. The Art of Recruiting
2. Getting Started
3. Teaching Intermediate Skills


Bob and Pam Phillips, Bob Gillespie

Distributed by Shar Products, www.sharmusic.com.


Instructional DVDs that answer the question:
What DID he say in that clinic?

Bob Phillips and Bob Gillespie answer your questions and model teaching sequences.
These DVDs are chock full of information but you don't have to take notes. You can watch it again!
Great resource for non-string players teaching strings. Pick the strategies that work for you.

Three DVDs in the series!

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String Clinics to Go: The Art of Recruiting

String Clinics to Go: Getting Started

String Clinics to Go: Teaching Intermediate Skills:
Vibrato, Shifting, Higher Positions and Chromatic Alterations

The Art of Recruiting includes:

  • Guidelines for Recruiting Success including: Getting kids excited about playing strings, Advocacy for your community, administrators and colleagues, Scheduling recruiting, Designing your own successful demonstration, Structuring a rental night, What to do before and after the demonstration
  • Live Demonstrations including 10 sample recruiting demonstrations with students and a Media-based demonstration ready to go.
  • Downloadable Written Resources including checklists, sample letters and scripts.

Getting Started is chock full of information too:

  • How to get your students playing well from the beginn
  • How to hold the bow
  • How to size instruments
  • How to set up the left hand

String Clinics to Go: Getting Started illustrates how to teach basic skills in a beginning string classroom! Practical applications of pedagogy and delivery are demonstrated in model teaching sequences with commentary available about the teaching. Learn from watching two successful teachers, now well-known as teacher trainers, Bob Gillespie and Bob Phillips.
Getting Started will take you from setting up your room through teaching your beginners a complete tune, covering topics such as: how to hold the instruments, how to set up the bow hold, plucking the D tetrachord and the D Major scale, bowing open strings and much, much more.

Teaching Intermediate Skills: Vibrato, Shifting, Higher Positions and Chromatic Alterations
Almost as if you are sitting in the classroom of a master teacher!
Watch over 50 strategies for the teaching of each of these crucial skills in the string classroom, taught by experienced, successful teachers. Best practices for instruction in the heterogeneous string class setting.

  • Tried and true ways to teach vibrato
  • Introducing shifting and higher positions
  • Introducing chromatic alterations
  • How to set up the left hand
  • Prerequisites for each skill, as well as how to introduce and develop the skills
  • Explanations and instructions for the teacher are embedded in the live teaching sequences.
  • Printable resources in PDF format
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